Supreme Ash Tray *RAFFLE(2)*

Supreme Ash Tray *RAFFLE(2)*

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Purchasing this product you are entering in a raffle for said item (Supreme Ash Tray.) Your order number will correlate with your raffle ticket, meaning if you are the first person to purchase a ticket your number will be 1. There is 20 slots per raffle (price varies depending on item). The raffles will be streamed via Instagram live on Saturdays of every week (winner for this raffle is announced 2/2/19). Ticket purchasing will be open from Monday-Friday (Starting today until 2/1/19).

*please include Instagram @ in order notes if you have one, if not don’t worry we will contact you via e-mail if you have won!* 

The winner will be determined via the first number to be picked 3 times will win, at that time if one other number has been picked 2 times they will be runner-up, however if there is more than one number that has been picked 2 times we will continue picking until one other number has been picked 3 times making them runner-up. Runner-up recieves a Heir merch item free of their choice!

This entry includes shipping fee if you’re selected! (PLEASE SELECT "RAFFLE" OPTION ON SHIPPING METHOD)

*No refunds, any person purchasing more than 7 tickets will be disqualified from not only active raffle but all future raffles.*